What is a Plot Point in my story?

Plot Points are the different beats, moments, or events that take place in your story and connect your viewer from beginning, middle, to end. 

For example, a plot point might be the specific moment when your character gets into a motorcycle accident and becomes quadriplegic, it might be the moment your character decides that he wants to learn how to fly a plane despite having limited body function, or it could be the moment when your character actually does fly the plane.

So much of developing our plot structure is about what plot points, we decide to include in our story—but also what order we put them in, and what plot points we decide to leave out.

In StoryBuilder, you can head to the Storyboard tab and click 'Create Plot Point'. When you scroll down, you'll see what we call the 6 Essential Plot Points. 

It's these 6 Essential Plot Points that comprise the majority of plot structure and audience engagement. Click on the Hook, Conflict, Initiation, Journey, Resolution, or Jab to add that label. 

To learn more about how to add and arrange Plot Points check out the video below: