The different types of character roles (Heart, Helper, etc)?

  1. The Heart: is your main character, or the emotional core of your story. You'll know the Heart is a strong lead character by filling out and rating his or her Big 3 Things and looking at how they relate to the purpose of your story. There's another support article on exactly what those Big 3 Things are. 
  2. Helpers: are secondary characters, they literally help the story along by filling in a gap. Or sometimes a Helper might be an inflection point for your Heart, someone important that they met along their journey. In most cases, Helpers won't be as strong of characters as your Heart, but it's important that they are far from weak. 
  3. Experts: are those that convey information—facts or figures—to the audience. It's less important if they are strong characters, but we also recommend finding Experts with credibility and strong Desire. 
  4. Cut: This label is for characters who you were considering for your story during the discovery phase, but have since decided that you aren't going to include them in your story.

Here's how to select a character's role: 

  1. Head to your Story Elements tab, then click on one of your characters.
  2. Below the character name and description, you'll see a dropdown menu under 'Role'. When you click this dropdown menu, you can select a character as the Heart, Helper, Expert, or cut. 

To learn more about character roles check out the video below: