Why do Keywords matter for a person in my story?

We communicate our story's purpose, or objective, through 5 Keywords. These 5 Keywords are what you want your audience to take away from your story. 

These Keywords are also going to be really important then in helping you make story decisions. You can use your Keywords to help you decide where the story should take place, what events or moments to highlight in your story, but also WHO to include in the story. 

As you consider who to choose as the main character of your story, you can use your Keywords then to help make this decision. What do you want your audience to feel? What do you want them to do? Who is this story for? All of these questions, as answered by your Keywords, will be vital in guiding you to decide which character is most relevant to the purpose . We can imagine that a character who's story is more connected to your Keywords, is more likely to communicate those words to the audience. 

To sum it up, we want our Heart (our main character) to be strong, but also relevant to our Purpose; our character's experiences should lead the audience to the purpose or objective as defined by you. 

our Keywords then have an effect on your character rating. 

Head to your Story Elements, select a character, and click on advanced options. At the bottom, you'll see your story Keywords, where you can toggle keywords on or off. (Keywords are toggled on if they're highlighted in blue.)

The more Keywords you toggle on, the more that character connects with your story's purpose, and the higher their character rating.