Adding a Place to your Plot Point with pictures.

Places live inside your Plot Point. 

With a redesigned Plot Point look, you can now have the name, description, attach a place as an image, and connect to a character.  If you choose to tag it as a specific type of Plot Point, that will show up as well.

  • To add a Picture within your Plot Point head over to the 'Story Elements' tab on the top navigation bar.
  • Click on the Plot Point that you'd like to add a Picture to.

  • Choose 'Select an Image' and upload a picture that correlates with the Place in your Plot Point.

  • You can resize the image based on how you want it to look.

Disclaimer: Our platform will not accept images if the file name has non-English characters.  If you are having troubles uploading a picture please try using a different file name.

To see how Places look within the 'Build Your Story' Tab of Storybuilder check out the following video: