Exporting and sharing Keywords with your team & clients.

Once we’re ready to share our keywords with the client, we can present them with a PDF export from Storybuilder. 

The export both lists the keywords and provides a definition for each, so we’re clear about what that word means to us in this context. This is your opportunity to make sure the client feels heard. They should be able to see their goals clearly communicated in the keywords.

  • To export your keywords just head over to the Keywords Tab in Storybuilder.
  • List out your keywords and add a description for each.
  • Then head to the upper right hand corner to export your PDF so you can share the list with your team and clients.

You can choose to export a simple PDF, which only includes your Keywords. Or you can choose to export a detailed PDF, which includes a cover sheet and an introduction explaining what keywords are, and why they matter, to your client.