Understanding the 5 Keyword 'prompts'.

Purpose is the goal of your story - why you're telling it.

And the 5 keyword prompts help to clarify your decision making so that all decisions are made with your main character and your purpose in mind.

In general, the 5 Keyword 'prompts' are: 

  1. What's most inspiring about my story?
  2. What makes my story different?
  3. Who is the audience of my story?
  4. What do I want the audience to feel?
  5. What do I want the audience to do?

But you can also choose from the dropdown menu directly above and to the right of these prompts. Here you'll see a list of options for specific kinds of stories that will slightly alter these questions. 

As you answer each of the 5 'prompts,' challenge yourself to brainstorm at least 6 potential words for each prompt. You can make clusters for words that answer the same prompt. 

In the end, the goal would be to choose one final Keyword from each of your 5 clusters, which represent each of the 5 prompts.

To Learn more about the 5 keywords and Story elements check out the video below: