What does the character rating mean?

Your character rating calculates the strength of your character as it relates to your character's Big Three Things and Your 5 Keywords.

Your character score is automatically calculated to help you assess character choices objectively.

A character's rating is calculated by 2 things:

  1. Character's strength (Desire, Uniqueness, and Complexity): A character's strength is determined by your manual ratings of each of the Big 3 Things. You can change these ratings by heading to your Story Elements and clicking on the character who you want to edit. Here you'll see the Big 3 Things, and the opportunity to rate each by filling out 1-5 circles. 
  2. Character's relevance (the 5 Keywords): We also calculate a character's rating by how relevant they are to your story's purpose (in other words, your story keywords). You can edit your character's relevance by heading to your Story Elements, clicking on the character who you want to edit, and scrolling to the very bottom. Here you'll have the ability to toggle on and off the Keywords that are represented by this character. Please note: Your Keywords will only show up here, and be available to toggle on and off, if you've selected them in the section, 'Clarify Your Purpose.'

To learn more about Character Rating check out the video below:

Wistia video thumbnail - Skinny #3 (Adding Characters)

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