Creating a new plot draft.

As you start bringing together all of your story elements in the Build mode of Storybuilder, you may feel like experimenting with different plot lines. Perhaps you want to compare what your plot structure would look and feel like with a different opening, a different conflict, or different journey points. Or maybe you want to export several storyboard versions to share with your team and gather feedback.  

All of these options are made possible by creating a new plot draft. 

How to Create a New Plot Draft: 

  1. Head to the 'Build Your Story' tab in Storybuilder. 
  2. Click on the dropdown menu for 'plot drafts'
  3. Select 'Create a New Plot Draft.'

When you head to the dropdown menu for plot drafts, you'll also notice that you have the option to 'duplicate' your current plot draft. When you select 'duplicate,' this will create a copy of the plot draft you're working on, so that you can save changes to it, while keeping the original version saved as well. 

To learn more about creating plot drafts please check out the video below:


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