Are the b-roll shots lit in the close ups of stitching in The Final Stitch? Did you direct the shots?

Shmuley Hoffman asked: It seems a lot of the b roll shots are lit. The close ups of stitching. How do you guys catch up with the real time events (like her walking to get out in the field or the ceremony of giving her the football trophy)? They look so unbelievable"commercial" in a good way and still are real. 

I assume you don't stop the action/moments, don't you? And yet the shots look so thought out in advance. What is the technique here as the shooting team?

Hey Shmuley,

These are all lit and for much of it it took quite a good deal of time to do. Our approach was to be really intentional about what we needed and only cover that. We then lit the scene and brought the 'talent' in and created a natural space for them to do what they normally do. So they weren't acting, they were simply stitching. We work hard to make all of our interactions conversational and for the camera crew to work quietly and ensure they're not drawing attention to the gear. Glad you felt the balance of the feeling and look.