What's the Hook and Core Question in "The Final Stitch?"

Woodie W. asked: I am assuming that the hook in the second is her desire to go to the Super Bowl field. Then what is the hook for the first? It is her desire to to stitch for one last Super Bowl?  Is the hook for both that we don't know about this woman? Is the conflict man vs self ?

Just one hook, and then one Core Question. They offer a similar function - to pull us in - but the Hook needs to be a little more high-octane often, it needs to be the reason they should watch, where as the Core Question needs to be strong enough to keep me wanting to watch to find out the answer.

The Hook here is simply the sequence that slowly brings you into Jane along with the voice over - "In a town you've never hear of is a lady you've never met. Though you don't know her life, you know her life's work." That's designed to create intrigue. Where is she? Who is this? And what does she do that i know? Questions like that start swirling, hopefully with enough pull that you'll give us 15 more seconds of your life. If you do, then we have a real shot of you watching the whole thing.

The Core Question is about whether Jane can get on the field. She is retiring and it's never felt real, can that actually happen for her?

Does that clarify the two?