What ideal/imaginary Heart did you provide the housing authority for "Our Journey Home?"

Andrew P. asked: What hypotheticals did you provide the housing authority? What questions do you normally ask of others when searching for a heart?

One of our main hypothetical characters was a female, 20-25, who was homeless, but it wasn't by choice. She'd had a violent household and she escaped to the streets since she knew nothing else. Living on the streets made it impossible for her to stay in school because her focus was mainly on finding shelter and food, and she couldn't keep up the regular schedule nor could she handle the social pressure of looking/smelling like she living on the streets. She didn't have any children, she had no history of any serious drugs. But she did have a huge desire to become a social worker and help other kids on the street, since she experience how hard it is and how you can end up on the streets without it being your fault. If only she had affordable housing she'd be able to get stability back and pursue her dream of education and becoming a social worker.

Now, depending on who we talked to, we might shorten that description in half, but that's the full version. And that description led us to somebody remembering this news article, and us going to meet with this girl, who has a strong potential to be in the film

So the questions we then ask are more about who they know who would be like this, who would have a remarkable story not about housing, but where housing helped them do so much more OR we'd ask who would know who that person is. Sometimes they'd simply connect us to somebody who was well connected, and then we'd get leads from there.