How many people filmed Dan and Veronica's Wedding?

Brianne B. asked: Just wondering how many people were there to film for Dan and Veronica's wedding? It seems like you had quite a few camera angles, so i'm just wondering how you balance getting the shots you need, with not wanting to interfere too much in the ceremony itself by having too many cameramen in the way...?

Hey Brianne,

This was 1 person and an intern/second camera. We did run one on a tripod I do believe that we checked occasionally. The trick for us is that monopod angle that knows where it needs to be and is often on the move.

As for being a disruption, that is FAR more in our head than anybody else. To the couple and everybody else, their focus is on this big moment happening right in front of them, so that's all they see. We get worried about our presence and we make WAY bigger of a deal than needed. I use common sense, but I am far from out of the way, and that's always worked extremely well in telling the story and not distracting anybody.

So much of this comes from knowing what will be said, and the story you're telling, so you can really be where you need when you need to be there. We try for one safe angle, mostly unmanned, then largely remove ourselves mentally from needing to get anything other than the story.