Is the VO really part of plot construction?

Daniel T. asked: As I watched these 2 movies, I was struck with how emotionally different they are. In Soar, the main character unfolds his story by himself, he speaks the issues and lives the plot line. In The Stitch, the main character responds to the leading of the VO. I find the emotional attachment (People Pillar) to be stronger in Soar but I think that the Purpose Pillar is much clearer in The Stitch ... my 2 cents worth.

Daniel, that is worth WAY more than $0.02.

Incredible insight. Remember that Place is about authenticity, and that deepens our connection. So in Dave Jacka we are much closer to him, whether we are being shown or told, as it comes from him and is with him.

In The Final Stitch we certainly lead the story with a VO and this not only tells you, but it does so from a perspective you have less connection too and has much less authenticity. If Aunt Jane's daughter said the same thing, you'd feel it way more.

In addition to the Purpose being stronger due to the VO, the Plot is as well. It wouldn't have been nearly the same since Jane isn't the storyteller and she didn't have the same perspective on the whole situation that we did. It's not simply that she wasn't as succinct, but there are things that she didn't even know (such as her going on the field).