How big was the crew for "Soar?"

Jan S. asked: Very impressive that you were able to pull of shooting "Soar" in a single day. How large was the crew and did you prep one location while you were filming the other? I'm part of a two man team and I guess we would've needed more like 2 or 3 days to complete the shoot..

Soar was filmed just by Patrick from our team, and a few volunteers. And you're right, it was only filmed in one day.

Before going into production on this one, we spent about a week to find the story (and there's a great case study coming on that in the People Pillar in Documentary) then emailing and skyping back and forth to get to know Dave, his daily routine, his plot points, and everything in between.

When you put the time into listening to, and really crafting and building out, the story beforehand, then production takes less time. You go into production knowing exactly what you want to shoot, and in turn, this also cuts down the time on editing when it's not a free-for-all trying to cover all of your bases.