What's the difference between Andrew's Desire and Complexity in the Gold Corp film?

Jascha Neutelings: In  the article you talk about 'dangers being the complexity of Andrew'. I thought of Complexity as Motivation in earlier articles. I can imagine that the dangers in the mine contribute to the desire of Andrew of getting back home safely every night. But I don't really understand how the dangers of the mine are directly linked to a 'deeper layer', or Complexity/Motivation in Andrew's character. To break it down: in this example I can't really find or understand the difference between Andrew's desire and complexity.

Like you said, Andrew's Desire is to get back home safely every night to his son, and he wishes the same for the other men he works with. The "why" in his case then, is because of his more challenging situation. It's because of the dangerous nature of his work.

It may be helpful to think of it in terms of the function of Complexity for the viewer. Complexity makes us root for the Heart, to believe in his Desire, sustaining our connection to him. What if Andrew worked as a receptionist in an office? How would that change how much we believe in, and root for, him to get home safely?