Why alternate between static and floating movement camera in the Gold Corp Film?

Arthur Woo: Great video! One thing stood out to me - I'm curious why the change from a static camera to a floating movement back to a static camera during the interview?

Joyce answered: We typically only add the slight hover movement to the tight angle because of how it can make the audience feel with the move. That movement on an 85mm mimics that of someone having a conversation with the subject, someone who might lean in on something or react a certain way. After all we rarely sit super sit in a chair and that helps it feel more like you are there in person. However when that movement is applied to a wide angle with a wide lens (say a 24mm or 35mm) it can be rather jarring.

Remember lens choice is so much more than just field of view (how much you see). Wide lenses exaggerate and when you pair that with movement, even ones as subtle and controlled as this, it can sometimes feel a bit jarring...nauseous even, and that's not something we wanted to convey in this particular story.