Why did you use VO in The Final Stitch?

Glenn D asked: I'm interested to know why you chose to include the 'voice of god' narration in 'The Final Stitch'? Was it a client pre-requisite or did you feel Aunt Jane's narration/dialogue was not strong enough to guide the story on its own? I wonder how the story would differ without a voice over as the visuals are so strong and clear by themselves. I think its a really interesting point for discussion and would love to hear your thoughts.

Voice overs inherently allow us to say things the character cannot, have a perspective the character cannot, and be much more succinct (which most characters cannot).

In Soar, a similar story in the sense that is a personal journey of one person, we did not need a voice over. Here Dave sets us up and we have other tools, like the news broadcast, to help tell the story.

For The Final Stitch we were making something for Primetime, Superbowl Sunday, and it had to be bigger than Aunt Jane. It was about her story, but it was about something much bigger than her.

"We don't know her, but we know her life's work."

As that was so much of our story, which came through in the keywords we had chosen (our Purpose), we just couldn't have Jane communicate something that was bigger than here. Whereas for Dave Jacka, he totally could be the one who brings that story home.