Do you give away the Answer in Old Skool Cafe?

Sarah Cahlan asked: In Old Skool Cafe, the ask, acceptance and answer is extremely clear. However, because you see the cafe and the young adults getting ready for their shifts, the answer, "will Teresa find a way to end the revolving door?", seems to be answered in the beginning. The viewer may not feel compelled to watch further because the core question is answered in the beginning. Although the story and heart is enough to make the audience want to watch the whole video (I sure did!), how do you grapple with a piece where the answer is apparent in the beginning. Or was the core question more "how did Teresa find a way to end the revolving door?" or "what led here to this journey?", rather than "will she find a way?"

The Answer is revealed when we learn about the cafe and the positive impact this approach has on the people, thus ending that "revolving door". While we do show Places that connect to the cafe at the beginning, there isn't this context surrounding it, so we haven't revealed the answer and how Teresa's approach now only created a cafe that succeeded (realize that it also could have opened and failed), but also when you realize that this approach succeeded in genuinely changing young people's lives on a personal level, since also realize that the cafe could have hired these folks, but failed to actually impact them personally, to change how they feel and how they see themselves and their own lives and opportunities.