What's the difference between the Hurdle and Complexity in Soar?

Ahmed Salem asked: I still a have a circle of confusion between the hurdle and complexity in the Soar film.

1. Complexity is one of The Big 3 Things that make a strong character.

Remember that Complexity was introduced in The People Pillar. It is not one of our 6 Essential Plot Points. Complexity was one of the Big 3 Things that every strong character needs in order to create a connection with our viewer. Those Big 3 Things were Desire, Uniqueness, and Complexity. Uniqueness was what made our character different. Desire is simply that our character wants something. And Complexity then, was WHY our character wants something.

So Dave wanted to regain a sense of independence and freedom back (this was his Desire.) His Complexity then is that he wanted a sense of independence and freedom back because he used to be an a very athletic, physically active, "invincible" young man growing up, which was taken away from him when he got in a motorcycle accident that left him with 6% of his body function.

2. A Hurdle is one of the 6 Essential Plot Points that provides structure to our story.

The Hurdle then, is one of the 6 Essential Plot Points. These 6 Essential Plot Points provide structure for our story, and create an emotional arc for the viewer. The 6 Essential Plot Points are: the Hook, Ask, Acceptance, Hurdle, Answer, and Jab. The Hook is our very first scene that draws our viewer in. The Ask is where the Conflict is introduced. The Acceptance is when the character decides to confront her Conflict and try to overcome it. This begins her journey. The Hurdle is when she faces a setback after she's begun her journey. The Answer is the resolution to her Conflict. And the Jab, is the last scene and what we leave our audience with.

So again then, the Hurdle is a setback she faces on her journey—after she's decided to try and overcome her Conflict.

For Dave then, his Conflict was that he got in a motorcycle accident and lost 94% of his body function. A Hurdle he had to overcome, after he got in the accident, was others' limiting beliefs, such as those of flight instructors that refused to teach him.