Our Journey Home, was the MCAT a reconstruction or reenactment?

Timothy Roessler: In Our Journey Home, watching the scene with the MCAT exam, I was wondering if that was indeed the actual MCAT that Byron took? Or was it a reconstruction (a lecture maybe)? This touches on the issue Patrick raises in the previous video about how to show what's happened in the past. Obviously that exam is a pivotal moment -- the Hurdle -- so you pretty much have to show it for its full impact. Specifically for this case, did you do a re-enactment? And, in general, would you go ahead and stage a re-enactment for a big moment? That is, as long as it's accurate or representative, and as long as your Heart can pull it off (no acting, just filling out a sheet of paper in a class room, or waiting in hotel lobby)? (And, yeah, I've seen a lot of different approaches to this issue, just wondering how your team goes about it).

This was footage we shot of Byron in another class and just used it to fit the setting. We thought what would be most relevant and we didn't want to recreate something, but that felt super fitting.

We really thought about the 4 Layers of Place and what we could use to show this moment. It is another lecture, and another class on screen, yet it still hits well. And Byron studying at home is done way after too, but through color and light it feels much more like like the tone of the film at that point. Both scenes, and the feeling in them, achieved without needing to ask anybody to act!

We generally like to keep things real and we always value the experience. Byron was just in a class and studying at home–simple and real things. What we did in post is the storytelling magic...(and a little Kuleshov Effect)