Why the VO at 4:47 in The Final Stitch?

Nik Kuo asked: I wanted to specifically ask about something in "The Final Stitch", and perhaps the reasoning behind the decision. At 4:47, after Aunt Jane is informed that she'll be allowed on the field, there's a voiceover track... which seems to spell out exactly the message that was intended for the audience to gather. However, as a viewer, I kinda put together the gist of the message on my own. In a way, I felt like the VO spelling out the intention somewhat robbed the message of its power. I think about "Don't give them 4... give them 2+2" that was mentioned before. I was curious to know if this VO line was a point of discussion or dispute among the creative team. Personally, I'm not certain that I needed to hear it to gather the message. Thanks!

Happy to explore this point with you.

While we really labored over every line—that at 4:47 included—it wasn't a point of dispute in the same way that you reacted to/interpreted it.

We often consider using VO to convey important context in a more succinct way, or to communicate something that a character may not be able to communicate for him or herself.

In this case then, we felt that the context that the VO provides—how her work "never felt real to her"—and the deeper meaning behind what the field embodied for Aunt Jane, was incredibly important to express in order to establish her Complexity, and for the audience to believe in her Desire and fully feel the emotional impact of the Answer.

In addition, remember that many of our characters won't draw these connections for themselves. They may have never thought of it before. For example, since we got to know Aunt Jane, and really listen and understand her, we were able to identify what the field, as a dream, really means to her on a deeper level than she understood, or was able to communicate, herself.

Hope that helps offer some insight into our thinking here.