Tony Iannuzzi asked: Do you ever submit your questions to the subject prior to the pre-interview? It seems some of these may require some thought...
Hey Tony, 
You're totally right, these are deeper questions that many people may not have really thought about for themselves before.
However, we still try to avoid submitting our questions to the person we're getting to know beforehand, since so much of communication is nonverbal.

For example, while we are listening to what the person says when we ask them what they want over the next year, we're also looking for changes in tone of voice, in facial expressions, and in gestures. And we're also looking for the nonverbal cues that indicate they're really excited about something, which in turn, would suggest Desire.
Also realize that spontaneous answers in a conversation are often going to be more authentic and conversational, whereas answers to questions submitted beforehand risk sounding scripted, especially if the person feels pressured that they need to have "good" answers for us.