Why bother asking big, general questions in the pre-interview—like what's your big dream—if they don't align with the film's purpose?

Luke asked: Again a question about pre-interviews vs just going in without them: In your pre-interview questions you have general questions that don't necessarily relate to the story/purpose. What do you do with answers that don't fit the film you're making? I suppose this question comes to - aside from gaining deeper understanding, if their desire is not aligned with the film, why bother to find out about it?

Hey Luke, while we don't spend a long time on these big, sweeping/general questions, we do want to understand who somebody is outside of simply the function or focus of our story.

For example, let's say you were doing a story on a runner whose goal was to run 100 marathons. You could very easily be so focused on his marathon running that all you know, and all you ask, is about his running the 100 marathons, and what all of that means. In doing that we get a very limited view, just a slice of a person, and it can certainly limit the depth of which we tell our story.

So I'd look at the big sweeping questions to better understand the person. I'd then also look to see if there is a connection between your focus, the early impetus, and these larger ideas they bring up. If somebody has the Desire strong enough to run 100 marathons, I'll bet there is also a strong connection between their dreams and values and all that running they are doing.

If you find that, you have the opportunity for much more in your story.