Do you find it helpful to pre-screen a couple before booking them for a wedding film?

Shaun H. asked: Do you find it may be beneficial to prescreen couples with a few questions before you proceed further into the process of booking a potential client for their wedding?

It seems as though it may be better to try and find couples that have something to build off of initially with maybe a questionnaire or discussion over the phone, rather than just booking awesome weddings that have the typical preps/ceremony/reception with nothing special or significant to build a story on in between.  

Amina answered: Our process definitely includes something like this. Our very first email back to an inquiring bride or groom includes some questions that don't necessarily get at their story, but mostly help us determine how open they will be to share themselves with us. And how well we'll get along. 

"What's your favorite cookie?" is one of them. Quirky – because we are. We want to know if we'll get along. We also want to see how they answer it. "Chocolate chip" is kind of a boring answer. But sometimes our couples write paragraph upon paragraph about how their history involves baking and how the groom is currently perfecting the art of the cappuccino... and how their grandmothers both worked in the same bakery together 50 years ago... Wow, now that's a good start to discovering a story before we've even had a conversation!